The Fair


The Fair will be thematic and will be original in exposition and contemporary in message. The several programs including the pre-fair engagement activities will be integrated into the fair to philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spiritual values and the traditional Hindu lifestyle are meant to enrich the lives of humanity, no matter which faith they belong to. The diverse programs at the fair will showcase teachings of Hindu Spiritualism, Ancient Literature and Life-style commonly known as ‘Dharma’. The fair will also act as a conduit for the younger generations, seeking the path of satiating their spiritual desires.

Inside the Fair

In the fair, individual organizations are provided with stalls depending on their need and size, from which they exhibit their various service activities and also explain to the visitors their objectives and goals.

In the Main Hall of the Fair, panels individual organizations and the services rendered by them is displayed, along with a panel showing consolidated data of the activities of all the participating organizations. Another important aspect of the Fair is that, it not only showcases current activities of Hindu spiritual and service organizations but also encourages them to undertake more and more service activities.

Mission & Vision

It is the Mission of the Fair to promote lifestyle and behavior which nurture and support environment, forests and wildlife, human values, honor of women and patriotism, which are contemporary challenges of this world. 

Values of the Fair

"Athamano Mokshartham Jagaddhitaya Cha"
For one’s own salvation and welfare of the world

"Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam" (Ishavasya Upnishad)
God pervades in each and everything

Fair Theme

These values constitute the thematic pillars of the Sixth Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair. All the programmers at the Fair are designed to connect high Hindu spiritual values to daily lifestyle by Themes, Samskarams and Symbols.